Nihongo kaiwa

Nihongo kaiwa

Nihongo kaiwa

Là serial video hội thoại tiếng nhật rất thực tế dành cho những bạn bắt đầu học (sơ cấp).
Video là những đoạn hội thoai tiêu biểu theo 1 serial, hoặc chủ đề trong cuộc sống.

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21 bình luận trong “Nihongo kaiwa

  1. Time stamps

    0:53 The みどり窓口 is a legendary place in a Japanese train station. They have brochures.

    4:34 Shinjuku station looks exactly the same in 2020, masks though.

    9:28 She looks like a snail 🐌

    31:22 that’s back when we got to smell each other’s breath, I bet she’s got some dragon breath.

    31:35 no one has ever typed that slowly in the history of human typing.

    32:43 Able bodied man watching an old lady labor an undeserved amount of distress

    41:34 he’s the boss, he sings well, you dare not even think a single thought of critique.

    42:00 for a brief moment the tall man considered inviting the little man inside in the role of cuckold

    42:21 those blue nets are to prevent tge infamous Japanese Jungle crow “C. m. japonensis” from making an absolute mess of that rubbish

    12:54 Why did we hire him. He is a foreigner, and not a particularly exotic one

    11:20 his pride fell to a new low. He has nothing now, no reason to continue on

    8:11 I have a Korean friend who looks exactly like him, that guy is definitely Korean

  2. estou tentando aprender japones desde julho de 2020 e hoje estou em novembro de 2020 e ainda prossigo com minha meta tenteando aprender , vou assistir esse video e espero ter bons resultados
    muito obrigada

  3. ユリアさん、ウィカさん、ノネンさん。。こんにちはkap kap kap kap 😜😅

  4. 最後のパート、シンクが当たってないの残念だな。。🥴でもすごく助けになるのは変わらない! テキストも実際の会話も自然に使う事って難しすぎ。。日本人のイントネーションて真似にくい :v

  5. im in N3, and my sensei gave me an assignment which is to watch this whole vedio and note down the words i dont know and OMG its been 30 minutes and ive written more than 50 words AHHH. but its still fun so ill do my bestt

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