minna no nihongo japanese ( lesson 01- lesson 25 ) kaiwa minna no nihongo 1-25

minna no nihongo japanese ( lesson 01- lesson 25 ) kaiwa minna no nihongo 1-25

minna no nihongo japanese ( lesson 01- lesson 25 ) kaiwa minna no nihongo 1-25

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To be able to say the standard without adjustment and spontaneity like the Japanese is not easy, it takes persistent practice but a lot of it is a necessary condition, the new method is the one to decide the fastest path to the destination. . Today we learn about Japanese Shadowing, talking like the wind after only a short time of persistent practice!
I. What is Shadowing?
Shadowing is one of the ways, that is, listening to tapes (CD, mp3) while repeating as honestly as possible what I have just heard.
II. Why Shadowing Japanese?
We think a lot of foreign language learners want “I want to be able to speak!”, “I want to speak fluently!”. But we also often hear a complaint of “I understand but can’t speak”.
The way to close the gap between “Understand (with mind)” and “Speaking” is “Shadowing”. In other words, Shadowing is a practice method that helps learners go from the “level that can be understood by knowledge” to the “level of application”. This is like the person grasping the way of swimming in the head and then going into the water, being aware of the way of fanning hands, waving legs, swimming many times to let the body absorb the movements.
III. The effect of Shadowing
1. Shadowing is a method of intense training that is different from the reality that happens every day, when you almost have to listen and speak at the same time. By repeating this method every day, even for a short time, this practice method, learners can process Japanese at high speed and the phenomenon of “use” Japanese occurs.
2. If you compare the human brain as a computer, learning Japanese grammar and vocabulary is like installing new software. But no matter how good the software is and the CPU and memory are too small, the computer will not work smoothly. Not only that, the more complex the software, the slower the speed. Shadowing is also a method of improving the brain’s abilities. Being able to process Japanese at high speed is also effective for listening and reading skills.
3. Shadowing is the act of repeating loudly to resemble the sounds on a disc. Over and over again, your intonation gets better without you even realizing it. If you pay attention to the intonation while practicing, you can feel the effect earlier. And finally, even without paying attention, you will be able to master the Japanese intonation.
4. If you practice Shadowing every day, every Japanese vocabulary, sentence pattern, conversation pattern will gradually accumulate in your mind. As the Japanese vocabulary and sentence patterns have accumulated in your mind. When those accumulated Japanese words and sentences appear in the actual conversation, it is like a trigger so that the natural listening and replying comes out smoothly from your mouth.
IV. How much is the Shadowing Japanese practice time?
Minimum 10 minutes a day. Japanese Shadowing is the practice of listening and speaking reflexively, like touching hot water, then kick back, so the more time I ask, the better. But the important thing is to listen to everyone every day – 10 minutes is not a lot …
V. Method of practice
Try a variety of training methods that suit your level and weaknesses.
– [ ] Shadowing mute: is a method of practicing speaking out of words and only hearing in mind. For fast conversations, difficult sentence patterns, try this method first.
Reciting: Is a method of practicing not clearly pronounce the sound heard from the CD, but only repeating it with a whisper. Get used to the feeling of intonation.
Rhythm Shadowing: A method of practicing Shadowing with special notes to the rhythm and intonation so that it is similar to the character on the disc (CD, mp3).
Shadowing with content: Shadowing practice method with attention to meaning understanding. Once you have practiced Shadowing in the rhythm and can be done well, Shadowing while visualizing the meaning and the context. With this method, you will truly master sentence patterns and speak Japanese suitable for each context.
Reading here, you will be very eager to practice immediately and see how it is like, isn’t there such a miracle? Sure! Let’s start the day, but first of all I want to advise you to master one lesson and then move on to another;)

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Good luck…

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