JLPT Book Haul: Nihongo So-Matome VS New Kanzen Master Initial Review

JLPT Book Haul: Nihongo So-Matome VS New Kanzen Master Initial Review

JLPT Book Haul: Nihongo So-Matome VS New Kanzen Master Initial Review

There seems to be an ongoing debate amongst JLPT takers out there – some of them prefer the Nihongo So-Matome series while others prefer the New Kanzen Master books. To take the N1 level this year, I have decided to buy all the N1 reviewers from both series and here’s what I thought.

0:00 JLPT Book Haul Review
0:20 My JLPT Journey
2:34 Why I Bought Both Series
4:39 Pricing Comparison
6:05 Appearance Comparison
7:31 Nihongo So-Matome (NSM) Kanji Reviewer Format
8:18 New Kanzen Master (NKM) Kanji Reviewer Format
9:48 My Review and Comparison of Kanji Books
12:55 NSM Vocabulary Reviewer Format
13:31 NKM Vocabulary Reviewer Format
15:02 My Review and Comparison of Vocabulary Books
15:54 NSM Grammar Reviewer Format
16:48 NKM Grammar Reviewer Format
18:08 My Review and Comparison of Grammar Books
18:50 NSM Reading Comprehension Reviewer Format
19:53 NKM Reading Comprehension Reviewer Format
20:57 My Review and Comparison of Reading Comprehension Books
23:41 NSM Listening Comprehension Reviewer Format
24:53 NKM Listening Comprehension Reviewer Format
27:06 My Review and Comparison of Listening Comprehension Books

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14 bình luận trong “JLPT Book Haul: Nihongo So-Matome VS New Kanzen Master Initial Review

  1. Also felt the same when I bought the books!!!! Brings back my experience when I was studying for N1.
    I also have both books then, I know that Sou-Matome is easier to understand and study since I used both books for N2. Though, in the actual JLPT, Kanzen Master will give you the experience of almost taking the exam. So why then study with Sou-Matome??? Kanzen Master is really hard to understand. Read it 2x or 3x, you will still not be able to answer the exercises. 😂
    So, I studied Kanzen Master only after finishing with Sou-Matome.

  2. I feel so bad since everybody here is talking about N1 and I am sitting for N4 😂. Anyway, thanks for the review, it is really useful for me. By the way, your English is amazing, I need to improve mine 😅

  3. Amazing review!
    Helped so much!
    Now I see there's much more sense to get shin kanzen master since it simply goes deeper.
    Appreciate your hard work!

    Btw, hi from RUSSIA and best of luck on passing N1!!!

  4. Because of this and as what I had read their contents at Junkudo Bookstore, I did bought all set of 'New Kanzen Master' (JLPT N4) Books including the Language Grammar, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary and Kanji which all costs a total of ¥7,000. Hoping that I will pass this July. I will start studying this before and/on April. I also bought the Official JLPT Answering Book which costs of ¥700. Yey 😁😁

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I am gonna take the N1 test in December, and based on your video I think I will just go for a whole set of Kanzen Master : )

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