Học bảng chữ cái Hiragana tiếng Nhật – Bài hát AIUEO – Funnihongo

Học bảng chữ cái Hiragana tiếng Nhật – Bài hát AIUEO – Funnihongo

Học bảng chữ cái Hiragana tiếng Nhật – Bài hát AIUEO – Funnihongo

🍎NEW🍎3 songs in 5 min🌟AIUEO🌟Number1-10🌟Greeting Song: https://youtu.be/u6TQkbQNmzo
🍎NEW🍎 🌟With Romaji Lyrics🌟AIUEO Alphabet A row https://youtu.be/s4RXDEVFO_E
FunNihongo – learning Japanese online for beginners, fun and free!
Learn now to read Japanese Hiragana alphabet and characters with this fun song and cute animation. Knowing the Hiragana is fundamental to learning the Japanese language.
Memory works better by combining multiple inputs, and just like the ABC song in English, it will be easier to remember the AIUEO Hiragana with a song.
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AIUEO Hiragana Song / あいうえおのうた

* For the pronunciations of AIUEO in this video, the Hepburn style is used for ‘Romaji (Roman letter)’ spelling. ‘Romaji’ is a phonetic symbol written with the English alphabet, to show how to pronounce Japanese sounds

あ(a) い(i) う(u) え(e) お(o) 
か(ka) き(ki) く(ku) け(ke) こ(ko) 
さ(sa) し(shi) す(su) せ(se) そ(so)

た(ta) ち(chi) つ(tsu) て(te) と(to)
な(na) に(ni) ぬ(nu) ね(ne)の(no)
は(ha) ひ(hi) ふ(fu) へ(he) ほ(ho)
ま(ma) み(mi) む(mu) め(me) も(mo) 
や(ya) ゆ(yu) よ(yo)
ら(ra) り(ri) る(ru) れ(re) ろ(ro) 
わ(wa) を(o) ん(n)

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44 bình luận trong “Học bảng chữ cái Hiragana tiếng Nhật – Bài hát AIUEO – Funnihongo

  1. This ..is really good song >> someone who came to learn to read /watch anime and manga before translate them

  2. I'm really ashamed to say that i'm 20 years old and watching this but that's the truth it's all anime's fault

  3. あいうえお
    や ゆ よ
    わゐ ゑを

  4. Fun fact:
    We say the letters “A” but the Japanese language says “ah”. Same goes for the rest of the vowels.

    At the end they said “wa wo n” which means “Wow”.

  5. I really like this song, because it is very easy to understand and memorize….. greetings from Indonesia and I want to say “thank you"–“ありがとう"–“terima kasih"👍🏼👍🏼

  6. The only way I might be able to learn Japanese is… Going back to scratch like English… I am now a child

  7. What about "de" like in "nan desu ka" or "cho" as in "cho siii yo"? And also "ga" and "da" as in "anata ga dai suki desu"? Arigato.

  8. Genial. Estudió inglés . Historia de Japón. Gastronomía. Estás canciones me sirven para concentrarme en los estudios

  9. Thanks, just starting to learn basic Hiragana Japanese on Duolingo this really helped me get used to some of the letters. I’m planning on learning the basics for a few hundred days and then moving on to more advanced Japanese websites/programs/classes.

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