50 Basic Kanji You Must-Know for the JLPT N4

50 Basic Kanji You Must-Know for the JLPT N4

50 Basic Kanji You Must-Know for the JLPT N4

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Learning kanji can either be the most frustrating work of your life, or it can be a fascinating and fun journey! The key to making kanji an enjoyable experience is to learn the meaning and origin of the kanji radicals that build all kanji characters.

In this video, Risa helps you learn 50 Basic Kanji to successfully take on the JLPT N4 exam (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). This is the perfect place to if you want to be able to read, write and speak Japanese language.

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22 bình luận trong “50 Basic Kanji You Must-Know for the JLPT N4

  1. ok, risa i have a question, are those the common 50 jlpt n4 kanji bc there are 300 n4 kanji, are the rest un-needed?

  2. thank you free study here i will tAke the test jlpt n4 i hope to pass because i want to apply as ssw visa in japan because i already finished TITP visa for 3 years i am 28 years old now

  3. Although the video does mention turning on the captions. It does not really help as they are auto generated for English. So, "dai, tai" becomes "die tight"

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