Japanese lessons! [日本語の森] JLPT N2 Grammar (1/22) Subtitle Version

Japanese lessons! [日本語の森] JLPT N2 Grammar (1/22)  Subtitle Version

Japanese lessons! [日本語の森] JLPT N2 Grammar (1/22) Subtitle Version

Japanese language lessons!  Japanese Subtitle Version
In this lesson you will learn JLPT N2 grammar

JLPT N2文法(2) N2の第1回目の授業です。


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45 bình luận trong “Japanese lessons! [日本語の森] JLPT N2 Grammar (1/22) Subtitle Version

  1. 素晴らしいです。7分ぐらい8個よく勉強してました。😄 本当にありがとうございました。

  2. Some people said remove the sounds but I find the sounds and pictures very helpful for comprehension and fun. Fun and relaxed atmosphere is an underestimated value in language classes, I think it is crucial so thank you for creating fun, comprehensive and easy to focus on content!

  3. 職場でこのビデオを見て、アニメの声が出る時びっくりして、超恥ずかしかったです。それ以外、いいビデオです。^ – ^ ありがとう!

  4. こんにちは、川間です。リーさんが作成した日本語レッスン は、現在YouTubeチャンネルでご利用いただけません。動画を開くためのリンクを教えてください。

  5. Hi could any one clarify what she said for 8. point – 上は can be used for negative circumstances only ? I think I got it wrong, could anyone please clarify 🙂 thanks

  6. I passed the N3 Test with your videos and know i am studying to pass the N2 ,
    Thank you so much

  7. おはようございます😃

  8. Its unfortunate the quality of instruction is clouded by an out of focus camera and bad audio. Made even worse by the editor I would LOVE to see this video remade again without the anime sounds and childish editing animations. It's like trying to watch a lecture from the 30th row with irritating uninterested classmates distracting you.

  9. ちょっと速いです。もっと例文が説明してくれば、分かりやすくて、覚えやすくなります。

  10. Thanks for the grammar explanation! I was really having a hard time studying for N2, but this really is a big help! <3

  11. Did anyone know this charming girl's name? I really want to follow her on twitter or any social sites!!! She is soooooooo adorable!!!

  12. 先生のお陰で去年の能力試験n2合格しましたよ。本当にどうもありがとうございます

  13. Such good stuff — it's a pity that nobody took good care to record the sound properly — it reverberates in the room and that really spoils the fun….

  14. もうしまけありませんが森先生って恋人いますか?結婚していますか?大好きなので。。

  15. 良いレスンかもしれない。でも、聞こえないから、良いかどうか分からない。

  16. この動画を再生したとたんに、N2なんかもういいです.かわま先生の顔をみたくて、声を聴きたいだけです.

  17. thank you for the video they truly helped me a lot besides you a pretty sweet that even i cant focus on the grammar but on your face

  18. This is a great review!! Short and concise! The random soundclips does hurt my ears and interrupts the learning, but I like the teacher and the pictures, they keep it interesting! Thank you for your hard work with putting together all of these grammar points!

  19. 嬉しいあまり?それは嬉しさのあまりじゃないんですか?形容詞はそのままで{あまり}と使えないと読みましたんです。。

  20. It's a very helpful video but why is there no explanation for the conjugation? Or what kind of verbs can only be used with this words?

  21. ビデオ投稿して頂き、どうもありがとうございました。

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